Wednesday, January 28, 2009

by Distinctive Details

….…Cupcake Menu…….

Order now for your Valentine Party

The Diner
yellow cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate chip sprinkles

Wedding Cake
bridal white cake with classic buttercream and sugar crystals

Orange Blossom
orange blossom cake with classic buttercream and white sprinkles

Lone Star
chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream and lone star garnish

Birthday Surprise
white cake with pink buttercream and colorful sprinkles

Red Velvet
southern red velvet cake with cinnamon buttercream and red sugar crystals

Italian Cream
coconut and pecan cake with rum buttercream and toasted coconut garnish

Fresh Banana
fresh banana cake with butter pecan buttercream and toasted pecan garnish

Cookies n Cream center-filled
chocolate cake with cookies n cream center and chocolate buttercream cookie garnish

Raspberry center-filled
orange blossom cake with raspberry filling, classic buttercream and red sprinkles