Thursday, October 13, 2011

CAKE by distinctive details

We are now a Cupcakes ONLY shop
Kingsgate South Shopping Center
 8201 Quaker Avenue
Suite 128
Lubbock, Texas 79424
Tuesday - Saturaday
10:00 AM until all cupcakes are sold
(some days we sell out between 3:00-4:00)
Closed Sunday and Monday

CAKE no longer does Wedding or Party Cakes
Please consider CAKE cupcakes for your next event

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ohhh the JOY!
Never have another cupcake emergency!

CAKE by distinctive details

cupcakes ONLY

May of 2009 we will re-locate to Kingsgate South.

Five days a week we will offer fresh gourmet cupcakes. CAKE will have 6 cupcake flavors we offer everyday, and an additional 3-4 cupcake flavors.
Visit our new CAKE blog and "virtually" experience the great flavors of cupcakes we will be baking just for Lubbock!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chocolate Bon Voyage
Suitcase & Handbag Cake
Llano Wine & Chocolate Fantasia
Llano Estacado Winery
"Chocolate Lover's Holiday - Prelude to St. Valentine's Day"
"Chocolate Bon Voyage"
won a Gold Medal
"Best of Show"

Our stack of cakes are all covered in chocolate fondant.
The top handbag is caaraved and covered in red chocolate fondant.
The cake features edible gold and silver.
Chocolate "paint" was also used to create an antique and wood look to the cakes and travel stickers.
The Judges
Nina Hunter is the lead pastry instructor at the Art Institute of Dallas and has twelve years of pastry experience and twenty-one years of cake decorating experience. Nina competes regularly and had earned several American Culinary Federation medals. She had an Associates degree in Pastry and recently received 1st. Place Judges choice for Let Them Eat Cake annual cake challenge.
Bill Hunter CEPC is currently the Director of Research and Development for Crestone Baking Group in Dallas, Texas. Bill has thirty-one years of pastry experience and has won many awards and medals in American Culinary Federation competitions.His past experience includes Executive Pastry Chef at Hotel Crescent Court, the Fairmont Hotel, the Mansion on Turtle Creek, and other fine establishments in London, Antigua, and Miami.
Christy Moreland is the 5 o'clock anchor for KCBD-TV, NewsChannel 11.

"Best of Show"

The Cupcake Lover
Cupcake Cake
Llano Wine & Chocolate Fantasia
Llano Estacado Winery
"Chocolate Lover's Holiday - Prelude to St. Valentine's Day"
"The Cupcake Lover"
won a Gold Medal
"The Cupid Award"
for Best of Chocolate "Theme" Designs

"The Cupcake Lover"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beautiful cupcakes
Stunning cupcake photo in a recent issue of
Wedding Day magazine.
These cupcakes are from
Vanilla Bake Shop Santa Monica, CA.

Cake by Distinctive Details
We will soon be doing more of what we know best!
Cake and Cupcakes
Cupcakes will be available daily and by special order for your big party.
Our custom wedding and party cakes will continue to be special order.
Cake will offer some of the best little treats in Lubbock!
We are now taking Cupcake orders for your Valentine Party.
A Red Heart will garnish each cupcake for this special day!
Distinctive Details will deliver your Valentines to

by Distinctive Details

….…Cupcake Menu…….

Order now for your Valentine Party

The Diner
yellow cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate chip sprinkles

Wedding Cake
bridal white cake with classic buttercream and sugar crystals

Orange Blossom
orange blossom cake with classic buttercream and white sprinkles

Lone Star
chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream and lone star garnish

Birthday Surprise
white cake with pink buttercream and colorful sprinkles

Red Velvet
southern red velvet cake with cinnamon buttercream and red sugar crystals

Italian Cream
coconut and pecan cake with rum buttercream and toasted coconut garnish

Fresh Banana
fresh banana cake with butter pecan buttercream and toasted pecan garnish

Cookies n Cream center-filled
chocolate cake with cookies n cream center and chocolate buttercream cookie garnish

Raspberry center-filled
orange blossom cake with raspberry filling, classic buttercream and red sprinkles

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wedding Cake
A beautiful wedding cake covered with white fondant.
Each tier of wedding cake has a different side design created in royal icing.
The royal icing designs are highlighted with edible pearl dust and sugar pearls. Hand made and hand colorized sugar flowers top the cake.

Grooms Cake
This Superman cake is designed with both yellow buttercream and red fondant. Also note the chocolate dipped strawberries with the Superman "S" in yellow!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wedding Cakes

Brides have been requesting black and white wedding cakes at a record pace. For many years I resisted decorating with black on wedding cakes.

I still get nervous each time we start to decorate with black. But.....I have come to realize just how beautiful these cakes can be.


180 servings of bridal white cakes covered with buttercream, black fondant bands, black buttercream designs and sugar pearls painted with edible pearl dust. We added red rose bouquets to the top and sides to complete the cake


250 servings covered in white buttercream with black fondant and edible silver accents. All accent pieces are hand cut, molded, draped and painted.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grooms Cake

For the groom who loves Guinness!
Chocolate cake covered with chocolate fondant decorated with edible gold and silver accents.

The cake stands about 14" high and is made from 9" round cake tiers.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wedding Cake
Handmade Sugar Flowers, Sugar Pearls, Fondant Accents
Edible Pearl Dust.
Each tier of the wedding cake is decorated with a different design created with buttercream icing

Round Tiers
225 servings
Orange Blossom Cake with Buttercream Icing

Grooms Cake
Traditional Square Cake Design
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream
Accents of Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Friday, September 5, 2008

Grooms Cake-UPS Truck

The sculpted and carved truck is covered with chocolate fondant.
Edible gold and silver create the accents and designs on the cake.

Chocolate dipped strawberries are always a popular addition to the grooms cake.
Everyone enjoys the look of the tuxedo clad strawberries!

The groom was trying to deliver boxes of donuts to the future in laws.
But.........he lost the boxes on the way leaving a trail of the treats on the road.
This was a fun cake for the groom who works for UPS.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wedding Cake
This fondant covered wedding cake is a design adapted from a recent bridal magazine. The bride wanted the designs to be shades of turquoise with black accents. Every circle, every dot, every petal had to be individually hand cut and reconstructed into a flower or some type of flowing design on the cake. The most demanding design element was the very large 3-D flower on the front of the cake. The flower was made up completely of graduating sizes of circles. The circles had to dry before we could reconstruct them into a flower. We were very pleased with the way the cake looked........almost exactly like the photo in the bridal magazine!
And we hear the bride loved the cake!

Bridal White Cake
Fondant over Buttercream
Fondant Designs
Edible Silver
Edible Pearl Dust
6"/8"/12" Squares on top of a 16" Round
210 Wedding Cake Servings

Cake Flavors by Distinctive Details

2.75 per serving and up
Bridal White

additional .25 per serving
Orange Blossom
Marble of Yellow and Chocolate

additional .50 per serving
Italian Cream
Red Velvet
Chocolate with Peanut Butter Cup Filling
German Chocolate
Southern Chocolate

Sweet Elegance
Imagine the delicate flavor of Orange Blossom Cake bursting with the rich red excitement of Raspberry Chambord filling………..

Just for fun, serve your guests our Banana Split Cake! Luscious layers of Banana and Strawberry cake filled with chocolate buttercream………..

Experience the richness of flaked coconut and toasted pecans in our Italian Cream wedding cakes…

All these great tasting cakes can be yours from Distinctive Details!

We specialize in embellishing your wedding cake with hand made sugar flowers, sugar ribbons and bow loops, sugar pearls, luscious buttercream covered or our beautiful buttercream covered cakes enrobed with Rolled Fondant and dusted with edible pearl or gold dust.

Extraordinary cakes priced from $2.75 -$12.00 per serving
***Exact price of each custom cake is determined by the design choice
2.75 and up Basic Buttercream cake design
3.50 and up Fondant Accents
5.00 and up White/Ivory Fondant Covered
5.25 and up Chocolate Fondant Covered
A delivery charge will apply to each order

During your one-hour Wedding Cake Design appointment, you will experience the great taste of our cakes!Complimentary Fresh Cake Samples Available for EVERY Appointment

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Grooms Cake-Golf Bag

The Golf Bag cake is covered with chocolate fondant
White chocolate golf balls and hand sculpted clubs add to the realistic look of this special cake for the groom or a special birthday.
Grooms Cake-Saddle

Saddle Cake for the groom

The saddle is made from chocolate fondant pieces with edible silver accents.

The hay is made of cake with a coating of sugar coated shredded wheat!

Yes........those Tux Guy Strawberries are wearing black western hats!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Wedding Cakes

The criss cross pattern is one of the most popular side designs we do on wedding cakes. The cake above is first covered in ivory fondant. A criss cross pattern is then applied with royal icing. Edible sugar pearls are added to each intersection of the criss cross. The round tiers are then decorated with hand made sugar flowers in a cascade down the front and back of the cake.

The square cake with criss cross design is our most requested cake design of all time! The cake above is covered in white buttercream, buttercream criss cross design with edible sugar pearls, and fondant ribbons and bow loops all painted with edible pearl dust.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grooms Cake - Trombone

Is the groom musical? Why not recreate his musical interest in cake!

The trombone cake was created for a groom who is a professor in the music department at Texas Tech University, Lubbock Texas.

The trombone is carved from chocolate cake, covered in chocolate fondant, and painted with edible bronze. The music notes flowing from the trombone are solid chocolate painted with gold. Chocolate dipped strawberries and some tuxedo clad strawberries complete the display.

The groom loved the cake so much he wanted to take it home as a decorative piece!

Grooms Cake - Mike and Ike

The Mike and Ike grooms cakes was created for a groom who loved the candy!

"Real" Mike and Ike candy boxes were given to all the wedding guests as favors.

Grooms Cake - Treasure Chest

The Chocolate Treasure Chest is one of our most popular Grooms Cakes.
And why not! Who wouldn't like chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, chocolate fondant accents, edible gold, chocolate dipped strawberries, and chocolate coins covered in gold!
Most of the treasure chest cakes will serve 75 guests and have at least 75 chocolate dipped strawberries (usually more). We include some tuxedo strawberries in the display......your "treasure" will be wearing a tuxedo on your special day, so why not dress the strawberries!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wedding Cake

This beautiful creamy white cake is covered in fondant over buttercream. Sugar ribbons and a monogram plaque adorn the top keepsake cake. Each tier of cake has a different design created with royal icing, fondant accents, edible sugar pearls, and edible pearl dust. The pearl dust is liquefied and painted on all the accents to give a wonderful glowing "real" satin ribbon look to the cake.

Orange Blossom Cake

Raspberry Chambord Filling

Vanilla Fondant over our Signature Buttercream

6"-10"-14"-18" Tiers

250 servings

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wedding Cake with Pink Sugar Roses

Hexagon shaped cake tiers are covered with white rolled fondant

and fondant swags.

Royal icing is then used to create a detailed pattern on the fondant.

Hand made sugar flowers of royal icing and gumpaste fill the spaces between the cake tiers and create a "sugar flower bouquet" on top of the cake.
About Fondant
The smooth finish of fondant helps show off the shape of carved and speciality shape cakes.
Our fondant has a taste that is very much like marshmallows! Very yummy.
Don't worry, you still get our buttercream under the fondant.
Most wedding cakes shown in the bridal magazines are covered and decorated with fondant.
The fondant is what makes them look so smooth and wonderful.
Fondant takes color much better than buttercream and can be mixed to almost match any wedding color.
We have created some beautiful cakes using bright and dark colors to completely cover the cakes.
But......these intense colors are usually best used in small amounts as accents colors over lighter background color.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pink and Black Dots Wedding Cake
An outside wedding by the swimming pool.....
This fun 3 tier cake is decorated with pink and black fondant accents.
All the bar-high tables around the pool were also dressed in pink table covers with black dots!
3 Round Tiers of buttercream and fondant accents over
Bridal White Cake.
125 servings
Wedding Cake

Round and Hexagon shapes covered in buttercream.

Each tier is decorated with the ever popular different design.

Using a different design on each cake tier creates a very interesting

and less formal looking confection.

This 4 tier cake also has fondant accents painted with
edible pearl dust.

Sugar pearls accent each tier and serve to unify the design elements.

Silver "J"s are used as a cake topper.

Our signature buttercream over Orange Blossom Cake
175 servings

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Having a wedding or party at one of our local wineries?
This would be the perfect Grooms Cake or Party cake for your event.

The chocolate cake is first covered with chocolate buttercream.
Chocolate fondant "boards" are placed on the cake to give a real wine crate look.
Sugar ribbons, hand made sugar grapes, and poured sugar ice surround a REAL bottle of wine sitting inside the top of the cake.