Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wedding Cake with Pink Sugar Roses

Hexagon shaped cake tiers are covered with white rolled fondant

and fondant swags.

Royal icing is then used to create a detailed pattern on the fondant.

Hand made sugar flowers of royal icing and gumpaste fill the spaces between the cake tiers and create a "sugar flower bouquet" on top of the cake.
About Fondant
The smooth finish of fondant helps show off the shape of carved and speciality shape cakes.
Our fondant has a taste that is very much like marshmallows! Very yummy.
Don't worry, you still get our buttercream under the fondant.
Most wedding cakes shown in the bridal magazines are covered and decorated with fondant.
The fondant is what makes them look so smooth and wonderful.
Fondant takes color much better than buttercream and can be mixed to almost match any wedding color.
We have created some beautiful cakes using bright and dark colors to completely cover the cakes.
But......these intense colors are usually best used in small amounts as accents colors over lighter background color.